Robyn Thomas is a fibre artist who creates sculptural woven abstract works from various types of paper medium. Her academic background in both textiles and sculpture have informed and led the evolution of her artistic practice. While she uses simple loom structures to employ a weave technique, her unexpected core material of paper as a weaving fibre give them intriguing textural and visual complexity. The repetitive technique required to produce the works references the tradition of female domestic craft weaving labour that existed during the pre-industrial era. Increasingly drawn to the use of materials that tell a story, her current work employs books and pop culture magazines as sources for her paper materials. By manipulated and weaving the pages of specifically chosen printed media she creates mesmerizing tactile forms that encourage the viewer to reflect on each work as a new story of it’s own. According to Thomas, she is ‘interested in exploring the historical relationship between weaving and the recording of stories and how it is connected by/to the use of the first computer, the loom.’