Noelle Hamlyn

Noelle Hamlyn is a fibre artist who works primarily with paper and discarded books, transforming and elevating unwanted materials into intricate, sculptural works of art. Employing a variety of techniques, such as embroidery and hand spinning she seeks to embody the accumulated stitches, labour and hours invested in traditional women’s hand work. While some works reference lace and hand spun yarn as symbols of disappearing skills others use the formation of salt crystals on traditional ‘tools of the trade’ (scissors, irons, bobbins) to pay reverence to the sweat labour and salt tears of the seamstress. According to Noelle, her work is both a meditation on the loss of traditional hand skills and a homage to the political importance of cloth and the social role of women. Monochromatic yet beautifully textured, her works are a compelling and evocative convergence of ‘craft’, ‘women’s work’ and ‘fine art’.