Melissa Tseng

Melissa Tseng is a Toronto-based visual artist specializing in encaustic painting, an ancient art form that involves mixing coloured pigment into molten beeswax, which is then applied to an absorbent surface. When cooled, Melissa then carves and manipulates the beeswax with heated metal carving instruments, specialized irons and a blow torch. Although academically trained as a lawyer, Melissa left the practice of law when she realized: "the work you do while you are procrastinating is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life". Primarily self-taught in encaustics, Melissa draws her creativity and inspiration from childhood memories of time spent with her late grandfather, a visual artist who trained under the Group of Seven. Throughout her youth, they spent much time painting, drawing and discussing art together. Today Melissa paints full-time and is known for her soothing large scale encaustic paintings, which may contain as many as 30+ layers. Her luminous, ethereal and textured encaustic compositions have been critically acclaimed and collected across Canada, the United States and South Africa.