Kelly Grace

Kelly Grace is an established artist known for her evocative and compelling paintings and drawings depicting vintage inspired scenes and subject matter. Beautifully executed in a signature style developed through her unique combination of acrylic and mixed media, Kelly’s paintings are populated with glamorous film noir heroines and other characters that seem to belong to a bygone era. Often using herself as well as friends and models as subjects, Kelly carefully stages and photographs her own reference imagery, using period props and even styling each model’s vintage hairdo herself. Through her practice Kelly’s principle objective is that of visual storytelling, coupled with a desire to celebrate retro pop culture, nostalgia and personal memory. The results are intriguing film narrative works that depict only a piece of a larger story, one that the viewer can write for themselves.


Kelly was born in Toronto in the 70’s and raised in the rural area of Stouffville, Ontario. Her paternal grandparents were travelling puppeteers in the local fair and carnival circuit in California in the 1950’s. This grandfather was also a clown and a painter. She strives to channel this familial creative influence in her work.