Virtual Home Viewing

Preview any of our artworks in your home or office on your mobile device.


Virtual Home Viewing


How it works...




Download the KUIO augmented reality app for your mobile iOS device from the   App Store.    Chrome Store  



Print out the Kunstmatrix marker on an A4 or letter sized sheet of paper.   Kunstmatrix marker



 Place the marker on the wall where you'd like to see the artwork (painter's tape or poster putty work well for this).



 Launch the app on your device, enter our artwork ID code (see below) to find our artwork selection, choose an artwork and point your device to the marker. 


Artwork ID Code:

For the artworks in our current Virtual exhibition 'Hooked On A Feeling' use artwork ID 1564

Artworks from  'The Space Between Us' virtual exhibition can be found by entering artwork ID: 711.

Artworks from  'Always On My Mind'  virtual exhibition can be found by entering artwork ID: 991.

To preview any other artworks from our website simply email us and we will send you an ID code for those artworks.


If you have any issues or questions please contact us