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Sale Tender Buttons -

Tender Buttons


Noelle Hamlyn

Paper jacket sculpture in plexi box

41 × 41 × 8 in (104 × 104 × 20 cm)


$ 3,400.00

Inspired by Christian Dior's New Look that came to fashion the end of WWII - 1947, and helped usher in the era of 50s fashion. It is known for its tight cinched in waist, padded hips and padded shoulders changing and altering women's shapes and often compared to a corset. Making it of paper speaks to how one can be both strong (in shape) and fragile or vulnerable (paper) at the same time. I have long thought of suit jackets as modern armour - and corsets are very much armour like. Corsets alter the body - the wearer fits into the clothing rather then the clothing around the wearer ... can speak to idealizing women and pressures of fitting into to societal expectations. White can speak to memory - even though we have not really moved on ... 

Fibre artist Noelle Hamlyn works primarily with paper and discarded books and whose intricate ‘Bookworks’ elevate and transform unwanted books into exquisite artworks by the meticulous ’spinning’ and embroidering of their printed pages. The term up-cycling refers to a process of repurposing an object to enhance its value. ‘Bookworks' are inspired by this philosophy. Most were damaged and tired. By up-cycling these books, Noelle hopes to ‘reframe’ and repurpose them while respecting their past lives. She is inspired by the textures of these papers and the way they feel in the hand. She invites you to share in this experience, and to bring your own stories with you as you consider her work.

The Lustre Instalment Plan gives you the opportunity to spread the cost of your purchase over time. Simply make a deposit of at least 25% of the artwork price and we will hold it for you until you've paid for it in full, through flexible payments that you decide the amount and frequency of. Once your balance is paid we ship you your new artwork:) We charge no interest or administration fees and when eligible, shipping is free. If you'd like to use our plan to secure the artwork you love now just let us know and we'll get back to you promptly to get you started.

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