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Sale Opposite Attraction 3A -

Opposite Attraction 3A

Patrick Lajoie


Archival Pigment Print, available Unframed (print only) or Framed in White or Black with Plexiglass

Signed and numbered by the artist on verso. 

16" x 16" Limited Edition of 25

24" x 24"  Limited Edition of 15

32" x 32" Limited Edition of 10

40" x 40" Limited Edition of 5


'Opposite Attraction' series


Free Shipping within Canada, the Contiguous United States and the United Kingdom. Made to order - please allow 1-2 weeks before your artwork can be shipped. 


A photographic exploration of contrast and balance: light versus dark, colour versus black and white, geometric versus organic, man made versus natural, with each composition created in dual, opposing versions as a further play on the central theme of opposites. This duality is symbolic of the dual meaning that can be found in these images. On the surface they are aesthetically pleasing but at a deeper level they are meant to encourage reflection on how nature enhances and balances our built environment and therefore our lives. Without the natural elements in these images how much less engaging, less alive and without balance would they be?

Prints are professionally printed using Epson Ultrachrome Archival Pigment inks, tested to last a lifetime on heavyweight Epson Lustre Fine Art Paper which gives beautiful detail and colour saturation. Each limited edition print comes with a certificate of authenticity. Framed prints are mounted with archival materials and are presented framed behind plexiglass; frames measure 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches deep.

Fine art photographer Patrick Lajoie is known for his evocative travel documentary images that impart a sense of nostalgia and remembrance. His creative practice encomposses his passions for photography, composition, color and experimentation. Commonly recurring themes such as beaches and bathing scenes, vintage cars and surfing, are chosen as much for their reflection of the artist’s personal interests as for their ability to channel collective memories and a spirit of adventure. Rather than being planned or staged his images are primarily discovery driven and rely on frequent travels in search of the elusive chance combination of the right subject matter, location, lighting and compositional potential. His work has been exhibited at major art fairs in New York City, London (UK) and Brussels and is held in private and corporate collections within Canada, the United States and Europe.

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