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Sale Blurred Lines No 1 -

Blurred Lines No 1

Hana Moore


Paper shavings from 'What Lies Beneath' series in plexi boxes

16 × 16 × 3 in (41 × 41 × 7.6 cm)


Abstract artist Hana Moore works with both paint and paper as primary mediums to create her dynamic works. Featuring recurring elements of vibrant color, stripes, lines, circles and targets her work explores visual juxtapositions through the contrast of geometric versus organic and straight versus round. A key factor and common thread that runs throughout her works is a fascination with the creating and revealing of layers. By employing the various techniques of resist painting, sanding and cutting away of layers to reveal what lies beneath, Hana aims to create new, unexpected compositions that possess an element of discovery and an added dimension of playfulness and intrigue. At times, forms and compositions are further enlivened by contrasting overlays or the added surprise of hidden text peeking through the painted surface, adding a further layer of narrative and emotional reference.
With previous careers in both the fashion and design industries Hana brings her mature and confident eye for color, composition and scale to her current visual art practice. Born and raised in Toronto Hana now lives and works in the countryside north of the city.

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