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Sale Patience Peacock -

Patience Peacock

Alice Zilberberg


Archival Pigment Print, available Unframed (print only) or Framed in White or Black.


Signed and numbered by the artist on verso. 

40 x 27 Inch | 102 x 68.5 cm Limited Edition of 10

60 x 40 Inch | 152 x 107 cm Limited Edition of 5


Free Shipping within Canada and the Contiguous United States.

Made to order - please allow 1-2 weeks before your artwork can be shipped. 


In this series, Zilberberg creates animal montages as an expression of self-therapy. As a person living in the west, moving through a daily life that is sometimes high-pace and emotionally complex, the artist finds calm in the presence of these wild animals. The animals are placed in serene and ethereal scenes to focus on the beauty of the natural environment. In a world where many are constantly looking to the past or the future, these works aim to have a meditative effect on the viewer, promoting staying still to find happiness in the present moment. Fine artist Alice Zilberberg creates alluring photo based digital paintings, where photography is only the beginning of the final artwork. Having spent over a decade developing her own distinctive technique, her works are comprised of many photographs, and carry a variety of elements such as colour, toning, manipulation, and painting.  She often travels across the globe to record different backgrounds and elements for her creations. Works take months to complete, with every detail meticulously inspected for perfection. With a poetic style of expression, the meanings of her images unravel through metaphor and symbolism that aim to inspire the viewer to look inward. For the past several years, her repertoire has explored themes pertaining to the human condition, namely personal identity, emotional intelligence, relationships, and emotionality. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, and raised in Israel, Zilberberg currently resides in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of Ryerson University’s Photography program, she began her artistic practice by painting: a verve which remains very much present in her digital works. The winner of numerous prestigious competitions, including first place in The World Monochrome awards and ranking as one of Magenta Foundation’s best photographers in Canada. Making collecting art easy, enjoyable and affordable... The Lustre Instalment Plan gives you the opportunity to spread the cost of your purchase over time. Simply make a deposit of at least 25% of the artwork price and we will hold it for you until you've paid for it in full, through flexible payments that you decide the amount and frequency of. Once your balance is paid we ship you your new artwork:) We charge no interest or administration fees and when eligible, shipping is free. If you'd like to use our plan to secure the artwork you love now just email us to let us know and we'll get back to you promptly to get you started.

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