The Space Between Us

  • Welcome to our virtual Affordable Art Fair Spring 2020 exhibition 'The Space Between Us', referencing the collective social distancing that we are all practicing in our fight against Covid-19. 


    Due to the crisis, the actual Spring Affordable Art Fair NYC has unfortunately been cancelled. 

    This special virtual presentation features the artworks we had planned to showcase at the fair, and allows you to view them safely from home. We hope you enjoy the interactive three dimensional format...our goal is to bring you a more immersive experience and give you a better sense of the artworks, compared to simply viewing them on a web page.


    Please reach out to us if you’d like to inquire about purchasing any of these works, as we are still able to ship artworks directly to you. We will be offering free shipping wherever feasibly possible, most especially within the US and Canada.


    Featured artists - Robyn Thomas, Mike Smalley, Patrick Lajoie, Mara Minuzzo and Alice Zilberberg. 


    To preview any of the artworks in this exhibition in your own home use our  Virtual Home Viewing feature.